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Assured Flow Solutions LLC (AFS) is a specialist engineering consultancy focusing on the upstream and midstream oil and gas industry. AFS prides itself on employing those with a strong work ethic and a fundamental understanding of the key requirements to deliver quality solutions. Above all, we value honesty and openness in our actions and strive to create a collaborative work environment.

Oil and gas companies worldwide have turned to AFS for more than just flow assurance support. They have engaged AFS to assist in their project delivery and integration of flow assurance issues into their total system design. AFS's combined 20+ years of focused deepwater and multiphase flow experience has helped enable clients to solve problems in a timely and practical manner, taking the best from both academic and operating experience. AFS recognizes that flow assurance is an important piece of a larger puzzle, working with multiple disciplines to integrate the solution within the whole system.

AFS consultants are experts in the multi-disciplinary flow assurance arena. Flow assurance, with links spanning from sub-surface through pipelines and facilities, is a complex science that requires a grasp of both fundamentals and real-world applicability. Often, key decisions in a project lifecycle are made with a limited understanding of the true nature of the fluid properties. The AFS difference is rooted in a fluid testing and characterization background, communicating the risks/uncertainties associated with the chemistry to the key stakeholders. AFS believes in a collaborative, yet decisive, working relationship with its peers and clients, in order to progress key decisions in a practical, rational, and timely manner.

The flow assurance decisions made early in a project will echo throughout its design and production life-cycle. AFS understands these impacts and the importance of continuity in the relationships built over time to ensure critical information is kept up to date.

AFS.  Real world.  Real solutions.