About us


Our mission is to provide practical, world-class engineering for the oil and gas industry through applying lessons from across production, academic and chemical communities.


Our values are integrity, honesty, and a strong work ethic in everything we do—without compromise.


  • Production chemistry applications
  • Flow assurance project management
  • Operations support

Founding members

Tony Spratt, PhD

Dr. Tony Spratt, PhD has 10+ years experience specifically focused on deepwater production, with specialist expertise in the areas of project management, transient simulations, systems integration, and production chemistry. Dr. Spratt’s career has spanned a range of engagements within the oil/gas community, ranging from chemical supplier (Nalco/Multi-Chem), engineering contractor (Foster Wheeler), and operator (Chevron). The breadth of Dr. Spratt’s experience allows him to offer a unique perspective that spans from the laboratory to design to field application. This allows Dr. Spratt to keenly understand the needs of various disciplines in delivering a total system solution. Dr. Spratt graduated magna cum laude from Midwestern State University with a degree in chemistry, before obtaining his PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Arizona.


Tommy Golczynski

Tommy Golczynski’s career started in downstream olefin and refinery design before joining Multiphase Solutions, Inc. (MSi, now MSi Kenny) where he ascended to Vice-President, Consulting Services. In twelve years at MSi Kenny, Mr. Golczynski managed the global operations of the consulting division and was actively engaged in technical projects throughout his tenure. By utilizing the state-of-the-industry tools, serving on joint-industry project (JIP) committees, and working on some of the largest projects across the world, Mr. Golczynski brings a global perspective to best practices/lessons learned on each project engagement. Mr. Golczynski graduated magna cum laude with a degree in chemical engineering from University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), where he currently serves on the Chemical Engineering department's alumni advisory board.