Digital Security

Maintaining the privacy of all electronic media is a top-priority within Assured Flow Solutions. The confidentiality of any information received, generated, and transmitted is held with the strictest confidence, in order to protect our clients' interests. AFS continuously works towards achieving an Information Technology (IT) Policy that is compliant with ISO 17799:2005.

Assured Flow Solutions also maintains a back-up computer network, capable of hosting key documents and e-mail servers remotely. This allows for continuity of business operations in the event of any local disruption (i.e. hurricane / natural disaster) or local server crash. By backing up critical files remotely, this helps to ensure there is no 'single point-of-failure' in AFS' IT management.

Within Assured Flow Solutions internal network, we have taken steps to help ensure the security of all information. These include:

  • Limiting external access (i.e. Virtual Private Networks) to be accessed only from AFS computer equipment
  • Limiting any software downloads to AFS computers in an effort to reduce the likelihood for malicious computer viruses.
  • Pre-approving any IT-related items for purchase through the IT department in order to ensure compliance with the latest security measures and compatibility within the AFS computer network.
  • Notification of all employees working remotely/off-site to be diligent when using AFS computer equipment and accessing potentially unsecure wireless networks.
  • Maintaining a list of all AFS IT equipment, including current user, as well as a disposal plan for any obsolete or non-used equipment
  • Written policies within the AFS Employee Handbook regarding use and code-of-conduct for any IT-related equipment, including laptops and mobile devices.

All IT-related issues are monitored 24-hours a day through a dedicated contact (, which is routed to top management for critical issues. Assured Flow Solutions commits to notify any client, in writing, of any issues that could compromise the availability, confidentiality, or integrity of any data.