Specialty areas

Flow assurance is a challenging, multi-disciplinary science that requires knowledge of fluid hydraulics, heat and mass transfer, separations, and reaction kinetics—often with limited fluid information—as well as dealing with each in a transient/dynamic state that can change rapidly. To address each of these challenges, AFS provides expertise in each of the following areas of flow assurance:

Production chemistry

AFS believes the key to any flow assurance development is a keen understanding of the fluid properties. Or more often, an understanding of the uncertainties associated with available information, as well as the flexibility to incorporate changes in the fluid properties within the system design. Our state-of-the-art laboratory can simulate many production challenges, including hydrates, paraffin, asphaltene, emulsions, scale, and corrosion. We pride ourselves on AFS’s production chemistry background, which forms the foundation upon which key project decisions are made.

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Fluid flow

As offshore and onshore projects increase in complexity, understanding the system fluid flow behavior is crucial to an appropriate life of field design. AFS has extensive knowledge in multiple fluid flow software packages which allow us to use the right tool to most accurately evaluate the thermal hydraulic behavior for a wide range of systems. Through our laboratory, we are able to offer a wide range of fluid flow testing capabilities, from viscosity and rheology to flow loop testing. Whether it is determining if a line size will be appropriate throughout the life of field, understanding the transient behavior in a system, or assessing the multiphase flow challenges that are likely to occur during specific operating scenarios, AFS can help.

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Operations support

As field developments get more and more complex, through either challenging environments or developments to existing infrastructure, a systems approach is essential to deliver a quality solution that will work when moving from engineering phase of a project into operations. Taken in isolation, production chemistry and flow assurance provide two key inputs to any given project—but without integration with other disciplines, their value is greatly diminished. Incorporating reservoir, flowline/pipeline, riser, facilities, material, and operational constraints—to deliver a total system—is where AFS provides value to our clients.

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